The exterior paint finish on your home or business is how you present your building to the world; it makes a lasting impression on visitors and guests. It’s often the first thing that people see when they come to visit. Functionally, it serves to protect your building from natural elements. A high-end, premium paint finish is therefore vital in giving your home or business an aesthetic that you can take pride in. To ensure such a quality finish, you need to entrust your painting jobs to a painting specialist that is professional and reliable; this is something that Lynam infuses in every paint contract we carry out.

Exterior Painting services for buildings large and small, residential or commercial

Lynam Painting—#IrelandsLeadingPainters provides professional, tailored painting services with two decades of experience. In this time we’ve amassed both skill and reputation as respected providers of painting services to Kildare, Dublin and the Greater Leinster Area. We are fully insured and our team has up-to-date health and safety certificates. Lynam Painting understands that homes and businesses need to continue functioning while the painting process takes place; we work with our customers to ensure our process is subtle, tidy and unobtrusive.

Providing professional Exterior Painting services to Kildare and the Greater Leinster Area for two decades

Serving Kildare, Dublin and the Greater Leinster Area for some two decades, the team at Lynam Painting takes pride in their work and are committed to delivering only the best possible paint solution. We only use the best quality paint and materials. After all, our paintwork reflects just as much on us as it does on you, so there’s no room for compromise when it comes to the quality of your exterior paint finish. We are firm believers in clean working; we tidy as we go.

Free colour consultation as part of the Exterior Painting service

At the quotation stage, we will walk through the property to establish the areas to be repainted and discuss all aspects of your Exterior Painting job. We can recommend any specialised treatments that may be needed on the exterior of your property on this visit to ensure the paintwork is finished to the highest standard. We’ll also work with you to pick the optimum paint for your home or business, including complimentary colour consultation.

We will thoroughly prepare the exterior to be painted

Lynam Painting gives the same thorough attention to detail, and thoughtful consideration, to every stage of our Exterior Painting service. Good preparation is vital for carrying out an exterior paint job. Steps involved here include:

  • Filling any cracks or imperfections on the walls.

  • Apply a coat of primer.

  • We put a minimum of two coats of paint on all walls after the primer.

Our quality checks ensure only the best Exterior Painting service is delivered

Quality control is very important to us. Our team will carry out checks throughout the painting process to ensure that the paint is being applied to the highest possible standard.

What happens at the end of the Exterior Painting process?

As painting professionals, we take pride in our work. When we have finished the Exterior Painting process, our team will walk through all the work that has been done, making sure the paintwork has been finished to the highest possible standard. We will also carry out a final clean-up, leaving the area the way we found it.

Full range of painting and decorating services available

Apart from Exterior Painting services, Lynam Painting also carries out:

We can carry these out individually or combine them as part of a bigger painting and decorating package. These services are available throughout the Kildare, Dublin and Leinster regions.

All in all, Lynam Painting offers a comprehensive painting and decorating service infused with quality, professionalism and experience. We’re passionate about what we do, and this is reflected in every painting job that we carry out. And as mentioned earlier, subtlety and tidiness is key to our work process.

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