Whether it’s breathing life into a newly built home or rejuvenating an existing property, a well-applied paint job can do wonders for its appearance and atmosphere. Not only that, it can add to your home’s value and make it more appealing should you consider selling. If you’re considering getting your home painted, it’s important to remember that, when applied well, this is something that will have a lasting impact, and it’s essential to bear this in mind when looking at costs. Lynam Painting—Ireland’s Leading Painters, has been providing high-end painting services in the Leinster region for decades and often gets questions about the actual cost of painting a home. We thought we’d put together this article which goes through some of the more common ones.

What is the size of the area to be painted?

The size and scale of the area to be painted is perhaps the most obvious factor when calculating the cost to paint your home. Put simply, the bigger the area, the more paint (and labour time) required, so the cost of painting your home will rise exponentially with the area to be painted. We have an easy-to-use paint estimator you can use to get an estimated cost for your paint job here.

How complex is the paint job?

Are you looking for a straightforward paint job, perhaps painting all the walls in one colour? Are there different colours for different rooms? Do you want a mix of colours within one room? Are you going to use wallpaper in some areas and paint in others? Does the ceiling need to be painted? Does the woodwork require a coat of primer or additional coats? The job’s complexity will affect the overall cost of painting your home. It affects the costs of materials and the amount of labour required both in the preparation and application stages.

Is there much cleaning required?

A clean surface is essential to any paint job. As with preparation in general (see above), the amount of cleaning required to get your surfaces paint-ready will affect the overall cost of painting. For instance, rooms full of mould will take more time to clean than those without; additional prep work may also be required if wallpaper needs to be removed.

What type of paint was used the last time?

The type of paint used the last time your home was painted will have a bearing on the cost of your new paint job, particularly when it comes to exterior paint finishes. For instance, if the previous coat was a darker colour or of cheaper quality, more coats may be needed to achieve an optimum finish this time around. For instance, an exterior paint job may also require power washing as part of the preparation process. A coat of primer may also be needed, adding to the cost.

Time /Urgency of the painting of your home

When assessing the cost of painting your home, it’s important to ask how urgent is it? It’s quite understandable that you’ll want it achieved in the shortest time possible. At Lynam Painting, we can provide an out-of-hours service for businesses in order to work around their busy times.

Type of paint

The better quality of the paint, the more premium the finish (when applied professionally of course). Obviously, the cost of painting a home will rise according to the quality of paint used, but it’s to consider the lifetime of the paint job. When applied by experienced craftspeople, premium quality paint should last anywhere up to 7 years. In contrast, cheaper paint will obviously cost less in the short term, but you’ll likely end up replacing it perhaps 2 or 3 years later, which will result in your incurring the cost of having your home repainted (including labour and preparation costs, not just the paint itself).

No two paint jobs are the same, but these are some of the more common factors that affect the cost of painting a home. We hope it’s given you some helpful insight into what is involved cost-wise. We have been painting houses in the Dublin, Kildare and Greater Leinster areas for decades, which has given us plenty of experience in assessing the cost of painting a home. We even have a free estimator tool that will provide you with an estimate of the cost of painting your home. You can try it out here.

If you have any questions not answered by this article, please, do feel free to get in touch with our team, and we’ll be happy to help guide you based on our own expertise. You can contact us on 087-9186389 or get an instant estimate here.