We understand the importance of making a house a home. We know that personal expression is vital in the household and seek to encourage all our customers to share their vision. We are dedicated to helping them achieve it. We use paint and materials of the highest quality. We offer a free Colour Consultation to all of our customers.

We respect you, your home and your belongings while we are working in your home / workplace. We will protect all your belongings while we redecorate your home / workplace by covering wooden floors / tiling / carpet (all flooring)/ furniture etc. We are aware that most people are still living in their homes while the work is being carried out, so we ensure to cause as little disruption as possible, while keeping the areas clean and tidy as we work.

When we finish a job, we will do a full walk through with our customers to ensure they are happy with the finished product. This is all part of our quality control, we protect our good reputation by doing a great job.

Commencement of Work :

When we arrive to start a job, we move all your furniture and belongings, sealing it, protecting it from dust. We will also protect your flooring by using water proof dust sheets.

While Working in your Home :

We are aware that almost all of our clients are still living in their homes while we are carrying out our work. We keep this in mind, trying not to cause too much disruption or mess while we work. We do a general clean up at the end of each day.

Processes :

We will fill any imperfections and cracks on walls, ceilings and woodwork. We would then sand down the walls, ceilings and woodwork. We put a minimum two coats of paint on walls and ceilings. We apply an undercoat on all woodwork. We would then apply two coats of top coat, which could be satinwood, high gloss or eggshell.

Final Day :

When we are finished the job, our crew leader will walk through all the work that has been done, making sure the paint work has been finished to the highest standard. This is all part of our quality control. We protect our good reputation by doing a great job. We will carry out a final clean up, replacing all the furniture and leaving the area the way we found it.

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