Good preparation is vital to revitalising any home or business’ exterior with a premium quality paint finish. Power Washing is a key element in achieving this. This is a process that needs to be carried out with precision by experienced professionals; a specialist who is experienced with the delicate handling required here.

When booking a high-end exterior painting service, you should look for Power Washing to be included as part of the service. Why you may ask? Power Washing is essential when it comes to preparing an exterior for painting. It serves to remove mildew, dirt, mould, pollen, dust, even cobwebs. It also helps treat ‘chalking’ prior to new paint being applied. Chalking is the term used to describe the breakdown of an old paint surface under the sun’s ultraviolet rays and occurs naturally.

We use high quality, appropriate, and environmentally friendly materials as part of our Power Washing service

As with all our painting & decorating services, Lynam Painting only uses the most appropriate, and high-quality, equipment and techniques as part of our Power Washing service. Achieving the perfect finish requires finesse, an appropriate selection of spray nozzles, and even the pressure used. Our decades of experience serving Kildare and the Greater Leinster Area have given us the knowledge required to attain a premium quality finish, we cut no corners. And, as part of our commitment to the environment, Lynam Painting, Ireland’s Leading Painters, strives to use environmentally friendly materials when carrying out our Power Washing services.

A professional, tidy and reputable Power Washing service guaranteed

The Lynam Painting team guarantees you a professional, customer-focused approach to our Power Washing service. This has been key to us establishing a high reputation throughout the Kildare and the Greater Leinster Area over the past few decades. We carry out all our jobs with minimal disruption so that your home or business can continue to function while the work is taking place. We also strive for tidy working, cleaning as we go and at the end of the job.

Power Washing is just one of a range of painting and decorating services we provide throughout Kildare and the Greater Leinster Area

Apart from Power Washing, we carry out a range of other services. Power Washing is often carried out prior to exterior painting, which we carry out as a combined job, including all other necessary preparation. In addition, we provide interior painting, furniture painting, and kitchen unit painting services. We provide these services throughout the Kildare and Greater Leinster region.

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