For decades, Lynam Painting—Ireland’s Leading Painters, have been carrying out premium quality Kitchen Unit repaints throughout the Dublin, Kildare and Greater Leinster Area. We’ve gained a lot of expertise in this area over the years and often receive questions from customers about Kitchen Unit painting, its benefits and what can and cannot be done. We thought we’d go through some of the more common questions we get based on our experience.

Are there any benefits of getting my Kitchen Units repainted?

There are plenty of benefits to getting your Kitchen Units repainted. If you have a worn, tired-looking kitchen, having your Kitchen Units repainted can be a cost-effective alternative to replacing them while still revitalising your kitchen with a fresh, modern feel. Having them painted also gives you more options for tone and colour than you would have by simply buying new ones. Not only that, but a repaint is also a quicker and more efficient alternative to having to get your kitchen stripped out and refitted entirely (while also being better for the environment by reducing the amount of waste). And as we’ll see, it can also help when it comes to selling a home.

Should I get my Kitchen Units painted before selling a house, and will it affect the value of my home?

When carried out by professionals, a repainted kitchen unit can be a significant boost when it comes to selling a property and, indeed, positively affect your home’s value. Kitchen units are often the first thing a prospective buyer notices when viewing a property for sale; a fresh, quality finish on your kitchen units can pay great dividends when it comes to making a lasting impression; a fresh, neatly applied neutral paint job can help to give your home a modern, vibrant look even if it’s quite old. For instance, one common theme we are noticing is customers choosing neutral colours for their main kitchen units and then a contrast colour for kitchen island units. Lynam Painting provides a free colour consultation as part of our Kitchen Unit Painting service. You’ll obtain expert advice to achieve the optimum effect.

How long does a Kitchen Unit paint job last?

A professionally-painted Kitchen Unit should last up to 7-8 years, perhaps even longer. There are a few different factors that can affect this. The quality of materials used is a major one. Carefully applied premium quality paint will give a durable, long-lasting finish. Conversely, a rushed job of cheap paint on a poorly prepared surface will start to chip and fade in a relatively short time. Another factor to consider here is the kitchen environment itself; is it a high-traffic kitchen? Are drawers frequently opened and shut? Are they slammed or handled with care? Are there kids rushing in and out? Is there a unit near an oven or hob that will be subject to smoke or steam? Are pets present?

We hope this article has helped answer some of the questions you have about Kitchen Unit painting. If you have any more, please feel free to contact us and draw upon our expertise. Lynam Painting has decades of expertise in painting Kitchen Units, and all booked jobs include a free colour consultation with a qualified interior designer who will help you achieve the optimum finish for your Kitchen Units. You can contact us on 087-9186389 or get an instant estimate here.